Our Services

StreamLine Partners prides itself in having truly rare and amazing people in the market to be able to think, support and consult holistically (Big Picture Thinking) with our customers. Combining our breadth of experience, amazing people, sheer desire to solve problems and ‘Make IT Easier’ philosophy, we are enabled to work with customers to provide great outcomes built on trust, integrity and orientation to family values.

Professional Services

Deliver true business partnership through business automation services and consulting. Utilising the power of exciting technology partners and a team driven by a desire to solve problems and deliver amazing service.

Implementation Services

Our extraordinary team of Consultants use a proven implementation methodology to ensure your solution is done right the first time.


Get more from your solution. We can tailor training to your needs to ensure your Administrators achieve your organisation’s most ambitious goals.

Drive Delivery Excellence

Our team offer a wide range of consultancy services aimed at mitigating project risk and enabling rapid returns on investment. Our software health check is a creative exercise that requires analytical skills, imagination and persistence to locate weaknesses within your system.

Business Process Automation

An automated system not only lets you see the status of any individual item, it also gives you the bird’s-eye view of your whole system. Imagine what you could do with several months of data from an automated system.

Cherwell Health Check

Get a comprehensive review to ensure your existing Cherwell Service Management system is performing optimally. Stream Line Partners Focus on the critical areas of the platform that are used in daily operations and perform a Technical Deep Dive into the system.

With a focus specifically not on software sales, StreamLine look to partner with the right customers to help unlock the value out of their existing software purchase, specialising in Cherwell Service Management and ScienceLogic.